Rock'n Roll France 2016 – 123min.

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Rock'n Roll

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

Guillaume Canet is 43, the boyfriend of Marion Cotillard, the father of a little boy, and the winner of a César: he has everything he needs to be happy. Back on top after a long absence, he realizes he has aged. When he plays the father of a seductive young actress, she admits to him during a conversation that his image is that of a tidy, sensible and nicely boring man. Strongly disturbed by this, Canet decides to upset his life to prove to the world that he can be cool. Even if it means uprooting his career, ruining his personal life and sinking into a narcissistic spiral, to the disbelief of his loved ones...

A self-important exercise, or an off-beat and audacious comedy? Guillaume Canet has fun with this duality in his fifth film, which takes a perverse pleasure in surprising the public and playing with his public image, with some help from his girlfriend Marion Cotillard. After the failure of Blood Ties, which was shot in the United States, the actor, director and screenwriter returns to France for this risky exercise, which plays on the sometimes complex and dangerous relationship between reality and fantasy. After a conventionally funny beginning, Rock'n Roll aims at breaking barriers, exceeding the limitations of good taste and political correctness with amazing energy. The result is an unclassifiable and potentially cult comedy.



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