Logan USA 2017 – 135min.

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Action Drama Sci-fi

In the near future, mutants have almost disappeared and are no more than a myth to humans. Logan, aka Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), a former member of the X-Men, is among the last survivors. Aged and diminished, he takes care of his former mentor Charles Xavier, who is seriously ill and less and less able to control his powers. Logan hides him in the middle of the desert with the help of another mutant, Caliban, while he works as a chauffeur. He thinks he has definitely turned his back on his adventures, but then he meets Laura, an extraordinary child being hunted by a villain. Despite being unmotivated, Logan realizes he has to protect her.

Release date

German Switzerland: 2. March 2017

Romandie: 1. March 2017

Ticino: 1. March 2017



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