Les hommes du feu France 2017 – 93min.

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Les hommes du feu

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

Philippe, 45, runs a fire station in the South of France. Divorced, the father of a teenager, he is passionate about his job. While the summer heat is accompanied by the usual bush fires, Bénédicte is added to the team. She is determined to find her place among a very masculine group, which puts her to some severe tests.

Ma petite entreprise, La Très Très Grande Entreprise, Jamais de la vie, Mains armées: Pierre Jolivet has a knack for filming social complexity with special care given to realism. Les Hommes du feu is an exciting look at a little-known profession, from inside the station to on-site problems during a fire. It is also thanks to excellent performances by Roshdy Zem and Emilie Dequenne (directed much better than in the recent Chez nous) that Les Hommes du feu works. The movie is particularly gripping and touching, because it takes care to address many subjects discretely, artfully maintaining its simplicity.



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