Ghost in the Shell USA 2017 – 106min.

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Ghost in the Shell

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

In the near future, mankind has learned to enhance the human body with new technologies. But Hanka Robotics has gone further: thanks to Dr. Ouelet, they have developed a cyber super-soldier, into which they grafted the brain of a woman who was seriously wounded during a car crash. Called the Major, she becomes an incredible weapon with extraordinary abilities. But when a mysterious individual hacks into the systems of Hanka Robotics, the Major discovers the truth behind her past...

Undoubtedly one of the most awaited and dreaded productions: the Hollywood vehicle starring Scarlett Johansson, adapted from the legendary manga by Masamune Shirow, and best known internationally for the 1995 animation film. The result is average, neither excellent nor bad, just your basic super-production. On the plus side: its special effects and flashy style, its haunting music and artistic direction. The bad news is a very flat plot, some rare, unenthusiastic action scenes, and bland dialogue. Entertainment is generally assured, mainly thanks to the movie’s strange, fascinating world, but what could have been really great lacks depth, daring and soul.



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