Alien: Covenant Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA 2017 – 123min.

Short description

Alien: Covenant

Sci-fi Thriller

On the way to a planet that is supposed to become the new cradle of mankind, the crew of the Covenant is urgently pulled from its cryogenic sleep when a solar storm hits and damages the ship. As they prepare to leave, they capture a signal that seems human, coming from an uncharted planet. Hoping to find a home that will welcome them and the thousands of settlers on board the Covenant, the group goes down to explore. They discover a planet that is sinister and deserted – or almost: a dangerous, predatory life form is about to attack...

Release date

German Switzerland: 18. May 2017

Romandie: 10. May 2017

Ticino: 11. May 2017



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