The Accountant USA 2016 – 128min.

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The Accountant

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

Christian Wolff is a mathematical genius with a touch of Asperberger’s. He’s also an employee of an accounting firm for criminal organizations, executing the orders of a woman known only as the Voice. But Wolff is also a sharpshooter. Even as the US government tries to stop this mysterious accountant who continues to elude them, Wolff accepts a diversionary mission to audit the accounts of a robotics company. But his investigation of the embezzlement of several million soon takes an explosive turn when several hitmen are sent after Wolff and another accountant, Dana Cummings...

The premise of The Accountant is a dead giveaway of the level of quality of Gavin O'Connor’s movie (Warrior, Jane Got a Gun), so the audience will know before they even walk into the theater that they will be dealing with a dumb, typically Hollywood action flick. Although it has a stellar cast (Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick, Jeffrey Tambor, Jon Bernthal and JK Simmons), the movie suffers from a ridiculous script that oscillates between phoned-in scenes and absurd moments. It works only if you watch it as trash that at least has good energy during the action scenes. But even taking that into consideration, The Accountant remains forgettable and generic.



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