Suicide Squad USA 2016 – 123min.

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Suicide Squad

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

Since Superman appeared on Earth, the US government has been concerned about the role of overpowering and uncontrollable superhumans. American intelligence officer Amanda Waller proposes a radical solution: to form an elite team made up of criminals with outstanding abilities to fight evil with evil. In exchange for limited freedom and reduced prison time, she assembles Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Boomerang, El Diablo and Killer Croc to work with agents Rick Flag and Katana – as well as the immeasurable powers of Enchantress, a witch who has taken over the body of Dr. June Moone. But nothing goes as planned and the Suicide Squad soon becomes Earth’s last hope to stop an evil force...

After the disappointing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which had aimed to launch a DC Comics universe in the same way the Avengers catapulted Marvel to success, Suicide Squad was sold as the cure: a super team of irreverent, violent, and politically incorrect villains in a fun, cooler and less typical franchise. Except that it fails too. This movie by David Ayer (Fury) reinvents absolutely nothing, remixing all the worst stereotypes of the genre as it simply follows the same old formula. An evil portal in the sky destroys a town, the heroes are total opposites who end up not really being a team, and a few jokes are added to deflect from the dramatic silliness. An attempt to streamline the plot to accelerate the action is unbalanced by a climax that stretches over more than an hour because the whole story sort of takes place on a single night. What was probably meant as a Mad Max-style rollercoaster ends up being a meaningless, ostentatiously styled assemblage of violence. Like Jared Leto’s Joker, who, judging by the trailer, seems to be at the heart of the movie even though he only has a few uninteresting minutes on screen, Suicide Squad goes off like a damp squib. Add to that the worst sin of the modern superhero movie: leaving the audience with the feeling that it was all done to sell the next movie in the franchise – which will undoubtedly be its next disappointment.



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