Ride Along 2 USA 2016 – 102min.

Short description

Ride Along 2

Action Comedy

Fresh out of the academy, Ben has only one desire: to work the streets with his girlfriend’s brother, the detective James. But after an operation borders on disaster because of him, Ben is sidelined in Atlanta when James takes off on an important mission to Miami. Instead, he is supposed to organize James’ wedding with Angela. When she calls James to beg him to get rid of Ben, James agrees to take him on for a single reason: to prove that Ben doesn’t have the talent to become a good detective. And so starts an explosive investigation in Miami, where the two try to stop a dangerous criminal with the help of a local detective...

Release date

German Switzerland: 28. January 2016

Romandie: 30. March 2016

Ticino: 12. May 2016



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