Me Before You UK, USA 2016 – 110min.

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Me Before You

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

Desperately looking for a job, Louisa Clarke is hired by rich the Camilla Traynor for a difficult task: to look after her son, Will, who is quadriplegic following a road accident two years before. Formerly a great athlete and traveler, he has since withdrawn into solitude, worrying his parents with his attitude. Candid, cheerful and resolute, Louisa first battles Will’s resistance before he gradually returns to life...

In a world where the quality of a melodrama could be measured by its number of simplistic tears and smiles, Me Before You would be a small success. In reality, it would take much more to be convincing. Halfway between Intouchables (the phenomenal French success) and the sappy The Fault in our Stars this adaptation of a book by Jojo Moyes is a perfect piece entertainment for its target audience, but it is boring and dumb for everyone else, despite the presence of the usually imposing Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones). At least it does not sink into absolute nonsense by tackling the seriousness and tragedy of its story.



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