L'effet aquatique France, Iceland 2016 – 90min.

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The Aquatic Effect

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

One night in Montreuil, Samir meets Agathe and falls heavily for her. He decides to influence destiny by going to the local swimming pool, where she works as a lifeguard, asking her for swimming lessons even though he knows how to swim. But the magic evaporates when Agathe discovers the truth. When Samir learns she has gone to Iceland for the International Congress of Lifeguards, Samir decides to join her there...

The films of Solveig Anspach were very personal. Her first feature, Haut les cœurs ! starring Karin Viard, told the story of her own fight against cancer, which finally took her life in 2015. Her last film, The Aquatic Effect takes place in both Montreuil, her chosen home, and Iceland, her homeland, to tell an unusual love story. It has the same sensitivity that lay at the heart of Queen of Montreuil, her previous comedy (which also starred Florence Loiret-Caille and Samir Guesmi, and the same love for the marginalized. But in this movie, the magic does not hold for long, thanks to a scrip that struggles to find its rhythm despite multiple twists.



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