Le petit locataire France 2016 – 100min.

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Le petit locataire

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

Nicole, 49, has a busy life. Between her work as a cashier at a freeway tollbooth and taking care of her husband, an unemployed former gymnastics champion, her daughter and her mother, she doesn’t have a minute to herself – and the departure of her eldest son reminds her of that fact. But one day, Nicole gets a surprise: she's pregnant. More prepared to face menopause than a pregnancy, she decides to keep the child, which she hopes will allow her to restore order in her family life...

Karin Viard is by herself an argument for seeing any comedy. By choosing the actress for the adaptation of her short film, director Nadège Loiseau has made an excellent choice: Viard illuminates A Bun in the Oven with her comic energy and her ability to move from slapstick to real emotions. As the central point of a delightfully off-beat family portrait that avoids the extremes that popular comedies often resort to, Viard allows the film to stay on course, despite a few slow bits and weak gags. Although failing to completely engage the audience or renew the genre, Nadège Loiseau is still an interesting director to watch out for.



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