La vache France 2016 – 91min.

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La vache

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

In a small village in Algeria, Fatah dreams of only one thing: going to the International Agriculture Show in Paris to show his cow Jacqueline there. After years of applying, Fatah is finally invited to attend the event and he convinces his village to help finance the trip. He arrives in Marseille with Jacqueline, and embarks on a journey on foot along the roads of France, an adventure that will change the lives of the many people who cross his path...

A feel-good movie only needs to do a few simple things: provide a lightness that borders on naivety, supply flashes of humor and infectious energy, and bypass limitations that were only there to unite the audience into believing there is more depth than there actually is. La vache, the second film of Mohamed Hamidi after Né quelque part, also starring Jamel Debouzze, has its drawbacks. Although this road movie of an Algerian and his cow paints a funny picture of a stereotypical France that is caring and compassionate, its value lies mainly in its fabulous comic energetic, a quirky way of handling images with humor and skill, and its blind faith in an absurd plot. Actor and co-writer Fatsah Bouyahmed carries the movie thing with great sensitivity, supported by a perfect performance by Lambert Wilson. La vache is sure to do well.



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