La La Land USA 2016 – 128min.

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La La Land

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

In the heart of the hopes and dreams of Los Angeles, there is Mia, a waitress/actress who runs from one audition to another, and Sebastian, a passionate jazz pianist who plays in shabby clubs while waiting to open his own club. When they first meet by accident, nothing leads them to believe that fate will cause their paths to intersect again for a great love story.

Director Damien Chazelle found success in 2014 with Whiplash, a truly critical and public phenomenon that took him to the Oscars. This allowed him to realize his second, more ambitious project: a delightfully old-school musical comedy. In the great Hollywood tradition of the genre, La La Land tells a tender and simple love story set in the city of broken dreams. Already a favorite for the Oscars, the movie has an undeniable charm, with a whirling camera and a beautiful energy throughout. Emma Stone is especially sensational, with a performance that is even more impressive in the details than during the song and dance numbers. Thanks to her, La La Land surpasses its flaws – an unbalanced soundtrack and a very ordinary plot, which are a pretext for an exercise in style that is charming but far from being as good as its 50s models.



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4 years ago

That was so boring


4 years ago

La la Land ist so la la.
The film does not somehow Bonds together. Actors are good. Music is not bad but as a whole is not worth all this Ruhm.


4 years ago

Great movie. Part frothy musical, part intense tear-jerker. Ravishing to watch, absolutely brilliant performances from Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. Very emotional though, so have a few tissues to hand!

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