Kiki, el amor se hace Spain 2016 – 102min.

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Kiki, el amor se hace

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

Madrid. The summer heat warms the spirits of five couples in full sexual discovery. A woman finds out she is a dacryphile – aroused by tears – and that seeing someone cry makes her achieved orgasm. A somnophile man finds an unexpected way to live out his sexuality despite the reluctance of his wife. After being assaulted during a robbery at a store, a woman discovers she is harpaxophile. To wake up their sex lives, a couple experiment in a club. A hard-of-hearing silk fetishist goes in search of love and the fulfillment of her obsession.

It’s hard to make a comedy about odd sexuality without falling into easy vulgarity or conventional gags. Spanish director Paco León does relatively well with Kiki, Love to Love. Mainly, because he doesn’t try for comedy at any price: the story revolves around the usual and unavoidable issues that couples deal with (miscommunication, resentment, monotony). But especially because the film offers something much sweeter thanks to a beautiful cast of clueless characters played by excellent actors. The story of the silk fetishist (the fabulous Alexandra Jiménez) is certainly the most quietly powerful, both hilarious and touching.



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