Hacksaw Ridge Australia, USA 2016 – 139min.

Short description

Hacksaw Ridge

Drama War

USA, 1945. The son of a traumatized WWI veteran, Desmond Hoss decides to enlist. Like all those of his generation, he cannot imagine staying behind while his compatriots risk being killed on the battlefield. But Desmond has an unshakeable faith: following the commandments of god, he refuses to kill his neighbor, and therefore to carry a weapon. A conscientious objector, he gets mistreated by the army, but becomes a hero when he saves 75 soldiers under enemy fire on the impregnable Maeda Escarpment (aka Hacksaw Ridge) on Okinawa...

Release date

German Switzerland: 26. January 2017

Romandie: 1. February 2017

Ticino: 2. February 2017



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