Freeheld USA 2015 – 103min.

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Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

New Jersey, 2005. Laurel Hester’s life changes dramatically when she learns she has terminal cancer. A brilliant detective who is respected by her superiors and destined to become the first woman Lieutenant in the county, she discovers that when she dies, her pension will not go to Stacie, the woman she loves and with whom she lives. With the help of gay marriage activists, she fights for her marriage to be recognized and for equality under the law.

A good Hollywood melodrama that takes on serious issues and stars renowned actors. Freeheld has two facets: one is commendable because it tells the story of important lives and issues; the other is annoying because it follows exactly the specifications of the genre. Everyone is free to focus on one or the other, but it’s hard not to appreciate the performances of Julianne Moore and Ellen Page, who are excellent in the leading roles. The sincerity and simplicity of their work forms the heart of Freeheld, despite a script that is too traditional to be really convincing. Adapted from Freeheld by Cynthia Wade which won Best Documentary at Sundance in 2007 and the Oscar in 2008, this drama by Peter Sollett (who gained attention with the sweet romantic comedy Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist) is minor but nonetheless beautiful.



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