Fai bei sogni France, Italy 2016 – 131min.

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Fai bei sogni

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

Turin, 1969. The life of Massimo, 9, is overwhelmed by the brutal and mysterious death of his mother. Despite the explanations of Massimo’s father, who takes him to see a priest so that he will accept the idea that his mother is now in Paradise, Massimo keeps questioning things. Twenty years later, he is an accomplished journalist but still haunted by his past. After the death of his father, he tries to sell the family apartment, but the memory of his mother keeps coming back...

Marco Bellocchio distills a beautiful and sweet mystery in his new film, carried by Valerio Mastandre, Berenice Bejo and Barbara Ronchi. A man’s obsession, divided between his memories and his adult present, between the demon Belphegor and his work as a journalist, creates an almost disturbing atmosphere. Far from the errant wanderings of his Sangue del mio sangue, released last year, Sweet Dreams is a mesmerizing and intriguing film at the edge of genres, supported by beautiful narration and careful mise en scene, playing on the relationship between death and childhood to feed an enigma. A moving look at mourning with delicate surprises up to its sober conclusion, which aptly refocuses the story.



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