Elle Belgium, France, Germany 2016 – 130min.


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Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

Divorced, independent, authoritative, Michèle sees her life changed when a stranger assaults and rapes her in her home. This tough CEO of a video game company tries to track down the man who continues to pursue her remotely. A strange game develops between them as Michèle gradually slides into dangerous territory...

It took at least a script that pushes the boundaries of morality and conformism for Paul Verhoeven to reemerge from the Netherlands – more than fifteen years after leaving Hollywood – to make a thriller in France. Adapted from the book “Oh...” by Philippe Djian and in official competition at Cannes, Elle is an unpredictable, unexpected, indefinable, tense thriller that resists all formulas: revenge movie, melodrama, B-thriller. The filmmaker behind such cult cheesiness as Basic Instinct, Starship Troopers and Showgirls maneuvers and mixes humor and fear, lightness and violence with his fascinating instinct for film noir. Too often left on autopilot, Isabelle Huppert is absolutely fantastic this time around. Her unlikely pairing with the Dutch director is unquestionably one of the great movie moments of 2016, with a haunting, surprising result that explores the dark areas of the human soul.



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