Yes No Maybe Israel, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, USA 2015 – 106min.

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Yes No Maybe

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

What is love? A utopia, a reality, a fantasy, an obligation? The absolute condition for happiness, or a cultural construction? Yes No Maybe goes in search of love through the meeting of two very different couples: one is the throes of first young love, the second in a longtime loving relationship. The first begins on the internet, while the other flourishes during the realization of a common dream in Portland, Oregon. While sociologist Eva Illouz and writer Sven Hillenkamp believe that true love is impossible, the two couples dismiss that idea. The premise is interesting: a movie that attempts to decipher the mystery of love.

Director Kaspar Kasics quickly hits a wall, typical of this type of abstract questioning that flows naturally towards pure theory or simple observation. The exploration within Yes No Maybe therefore soon becomes redundant, even a bit sterile, with on the one hand a perfect, amazingly symbiotic American couple (same passions, same tastes, sometimes same clothes), and on the other, a second life in full bloom. There is something touching and intriguing about these windows onto the intimacy of couples, but the documentary reveals itself to be more simply curious about human beings than actually exploring the issue at the heart of the film. The mystery of love remains elusive.



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