Warcraft: The Beginning USA 2016 – 123min.

Short description

Warcraft: The Beginning

Action Adventure Fantasy

Because of the destructive power of Fel, a form of deadly black magic that draws its strength from life, the Orc civilization has destroyed its own world. Through a portal, an army led by the magician Gul'dan arrives in the realm of Azeroth, with the aim of taking it over and settling there. Inhabited by a variety of species that live together in peace headed the human King Wrynn, Azeroth prepares to fight for the survival of its world, with the help of the extraordinary powers of the Guardian and Garona, a half-Orc half-human...

Release date

German Switzerland: 26. May 2016

Romandie: 25. May 2016

Ticino: 1. June 2016

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