Voyage en Chine France 2015 – 96min.

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Voyage en Chine

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

When she finds out her estranged son Christophe has died in an accident in China, where he lived, his mother Liliane, faced with a bureaucracy unable to help, decides to go to there herself to get his body. This takes her to a country unknown to her, where she knows neither the language nor the culture, but discovers his apartment, his friends and his life.

The odd scenario for this movie announces its character: Yolande Moreau a widowed mother, is virtually alone in the middle of Chinese actors and settings. Wrapped in a big red coat with a gray mop of hair and a wizened face, this unclassifiable actress lets herself be transported into the beautiful universe of Zoltan Mayer, whose debut film is masterful and remarkable. The screenplay, simple and sober, is devoid of easy sentimentality and gives way to an almost sensory experience, greatly enhanced by the settings, the emptiness and the excellent supporting roles.



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