Triple 9 USA 2016 – 115min.

Short description

Triple 9

Action Crime Drama Thriller

Caught within the network of the Russian-Israeli mob in Atlanta, which is led by Irina Vlaslov’s iron fist, a team of four criminals and corrupt cops led by Michael Atwood rob a bank to get valuable information they can use to free themselves from their situation. But the mission turns out to be more complicated when Irina wants them to do an even more dangerous job. They have only one option to succeed: divert the attention of the police force with a code 999, which is triggered when a police officer is killed. Michael and his team then decide to set up Chris, a new recruit...

Release date

German Switzerland: 7. April 2016

Romandie: 16. March 2016

Ticino: 21. April 2016

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