The Transporter Refueled China, France 2015 – 95min.

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The Transporter Refueled

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

Frank Martin, former special forces mercenary, specializes in transporting secret packages for clients not always on the up-and-up. When his father visits him in the south of France, Frank is hired by the mysterious and manipulative Anna and her three sexy partners. Frank finds himself thrown into the midst of a merciless vendetta against the Russian mob, where his driving skills and seduction techniques are put to good use.

The action genre is having a tough time. In the wake of the pathetic attempt at launching a franchise with Hitman: Agent 47, the people behind Transporter give it a shot with a fourth installment starring Game of ThronesEd Skrein to take over from Jason Statham - meanwhile, a TV series starring Chris Vance was cancelled after two seasons. Luc Besson, responsible for the flick’s quality, handed this ticking bomb to director Camille Delamarre from the EuropaCorp stables, who edited Taken 2, Colombiana and even Transporter 3, before going on to direct Brick Mansions, the remake of District 13. In other words, The Transporter Refueled is brash and uninventive; it is too concentrated on ordinary stunts, cheap sex and humorless energy to do anything interesting with this dumb story about models disguised as musketeers. Either check your brain at the door or avoid it altogether.



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8 years ago

oh gott: so einen schlechten film habe ich schon lange nicht mehr gesehen. Das hat ja mit dem Transporter gar nichts mehr zu tun. Einfach nur gefühlsduselei und sehr viele filmfehler. es passt einfach dass eine nicht zum anderen

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