The Longest Ride USA 2015 – 139min.

Short description

The Longest Ride

Drama Romance

A year after falling into a coma due to injuries he suffered at a rodeo, Luke Collins tries to get back into competing despite the great risks that implies. During a show, he meets Sophia Danko, an art student: they fall deeply in love. Then Luke saves an old man who’s been in a car accident in a heavy rainstorm. As she visits the man in the hospital, Sophia gets to know this WWII veteran, who tells her about his great love: his deceased wife. A story that seems to echo Sophia’s relationship with Luke, who refuses to abandon his passion for the rodeo when she gets a chance to follow hers to New York…

Release date

German Switzerland: 30. April 2015

Romandie: 10. June 2015

Ticino: 4. June 2015

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