The Age of Adaline USA 2015 – 110min.

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The Age of Adaline

Movie Rating: Hela Khamarou

Born in 1918, Adaline is a beautiful young woman. But before her 30th birthday, she is involved in a car accident that should have killed her. Instead, it makes her immortal and ageless, while those around her – including her daughter – do not escape the ravages of time. She learns to hide on the fringes so as not to draw attention. And so every 10 years, she changes her name, her appearance and her address. Until she meets Ellis, a young man who brings back old memories …

This fantasy-romance Lee Toland Krieger is strongly reminiscent of the TV series Forever, in which an young man also stops aging after an accident. This time around, the star is the effervescent Blake Lively, whose looks are easily styled for different eras – post WWII, 70’s, 21st century. The encounter with Ellis (Michiel Huisman) sets the stage for a swept-away type romance, an idyll without a false note, until things get complicated when Adaline meets Ellis’ father, who used to be an old boyfriend. Here the logic of the story stumbles, but no one, not even the director or the screenwriter, seems to care. An intriguing start falls flat on all levels, completely ruining its potential for becoming a new classic in the romantic comedy genre (finally dethroning The Notebook). A shame.



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