Terminator Genisys USA 2015 – 126min.

Short description

Terminator Genisys

Action Adventure Sci-fi Thriller

Los Angeles, 1984. Sent by John Connor, the resistance leader from a future dominated by ruthless machines, Kyle Reese finds himself in the past to save Sarah Connor, John’s mother. But nothing happens the way he thought it would: met there by a Terminator, he realizes that history has been rewritten by Skynet when Sarah saves him from it with the help of a friendly Terminator. Their only chance now is to stop Judgment Day by preventing Genisys – Skynet in a new form – from taking over the planet.

Release date

German Switzerland: 9. July 2015

Romandie: 1. July 2015

Ticino: 9. July 2015



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7 years ago

T5 rockt unglaublich! Ned so bös und konsequent wies 1+2, defür huere witzig mit geile aspilige uf die alte Film und ere stimmige Gschicht für die hütigi Ziit!! Chani nume empfehle!


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