Shaun the Sheep Movie France, UK 2015 – 85min.

Shaun the Sheep Movie

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Shaun the Sheep Movie

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

On the small English farm of Mossy Bottom, Shaun is bored. For him, his sheep friends, Bitzer the guard dog and the farmer who cares for them, every day is the same. Until Shaun decides to organize an exciting trip for everyone. But nothing goes as planned when an accident causes the farmer to lose his memory and the flock heads off to the big, bad city to find him…

Shaun the sheep, that crafty creation from the makers of the legendary Wallace and Gromit, Nick Park & Georges Mickael, has moved from his own TV show to the big screen with the same amount of energy and the same bunch of friends – farmer, dog, duck, pigs and sheep. There are therefore no surprises on the menu: the humor evolves from ordinary to very funny, as witnessed by the cast of characters inhabiting the shelter. But it pales in comparison to the sweetly absurd poetry of Wallace and Gromit, which remains the very best of Nick Park’s efforts.



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