Seventh Son Canada, China, UK, USA 2014 – 102min.

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Seventh Son

Movie Rating: Hela Khamarou

To prevent Mother Malkin for destroying mankind, Tom Ward – the seventh son, a prophetic hero with incredible powers – goes through an intensive apprenticeship to battle the forces of Evil. Torn from his tranquil life on the farm, he is sent to Master Gregory, a guardian warrior who will teach him everything he needs to know. Only Tom can save a world where legend and magic come together as one.

A fantasy film adapted from Orson Scott’s 1987 novel, Sergey Bodrov’s Seventh Son is mainly targeted at teenagers. In the style of The Giver, The Maze Runner and Divergent, the coming-of-age movie is now a classic genre. Entertaining without being really great, its recipe is simple: cast big stars on their way down ( Julianne Moore, Jeff Bridges, etc.), write a simplistic screenplay, and mix together. The result is entertainment for a wide audience. No spices necessary.



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