Ricki and the Flash USA 2015 – 101min.

Short description

Ricki and the Flash

Comedy Drama Music

To follow her dream of becoming a rock star, Linda Brummel becomes Ricki Rendazzo, lead singer of Ricki and the Flash. A dream that pushes her to distance herself from her husband Ted and their three children to the point where she becomes a stranger to them. Now a cashier in a supermarket to support herself as she plays in a small bar in California, she gets a call from her ex-husband one day: their daughter Julie has fallen into a depression after being left by her own husband. Ricki decides to return to her family in hopes of assuaging her guilt, but finds a complicated family that has learned to survive without her…

Release date

German Switzerland: 3. September 2015

Romandie: 2. September 2015

Ticino: 10. September 2015



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