The Second Mother Brazil 2015 – 114min.

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The Second Mother

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

Sao Paulo, Brazil. Working as a maid for a rich family for many years, Val has become part of the lives of Barbara, a strict businesswoman, her meek husband, and their son, for whom she is a second mother. When Val’s daughter Jessica, whom she has not seen in 10 years, arrives to take a school entrance exam, Val is thrilled. With the permission of her employers, she invites Jessica to stay in a home that is not really her own. But Jessica will disrupt the quiet lives of this family …

There is no surprise in store in this bittersweet fable, which is a reflection of a Brazil that is in the midst of social change. A mother tries to reconnect with the daughter she has supported but not seen for years. The daughter blames her mother for abandoning her but her modern, free spirit wants to show her mother there is more to life. At the same time, Jessica is able to disturb the false family, shedding light on its upper middle class rules and the gulf between the generations. The Second Mother is worth seeing mainly due to its two leading actresses, especially Brazilian star Regina Casé, who shared the Best Actress award with her co-star Camila Mardila. Karine Teles is also excellent, making the most of the difficult role of the strict mother. These three add emotional color to an otherwise simple film that could have done with a few more nuances.



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