Les ogres France 2015 – 142min.

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Les ogres

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

They go from town to town, a tent on their backs, their show in a shoulder bag, carrying their lives, their dreams, their children and their families: a traveling theater group takes Chekhov on the road to the south of France. Following an accident, Francis asks Lola, his former lover, to take over a role, under the anxious eyes of his wife Ines. About to give birth, Mona goes on with the show along with the baby's father, Mark, with painful memories. The group is caught up in a whirlwind of theater, emotions and life on the road...

Léa Fehner drew inspiration for Les Ogres from her own childhood, which she spent behind the scenes of her parents’ traveling theater company. The director rewrites and reshapes her own family history, going as far as filming her parents in a mix of reality and fiction. The result is a whirlwind of emotions, colors, energy, with a handful of fabulous scenes. There is weeping, screaming, laughing and singing, accompanied by a swirling camera and a group of excellent actors who make this movie a nice little adventure.



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