Le goût des merveilles France 2015 – 100min.

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The Sense of Wonder

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

Since the death of her husband, Louise is managing the small family tree farm in Drôme Provençale. Determined to take over the reigns and gain control of this world previously unknown to her, she battles to help the business stay afloat trade as she lives with her two children. One day, she almost runs over a stranger on a small road. An unexpected encounter with an exceptional man who will change her life…

Is Virginia Efira managing a subtle shift within the narrow confines of comedy? She confirmed her talents in the surprise It Boy, shone as Emmanuel Mouret’s beautiful heroine in Caprice, and will open 2016 with the beautiful Half-sister, Full Love after closing 2015 with Eric Besnard’s The Sense of Wonder. She proves her talents yet again, thanks to a graceful mix of emotions and laughter. Far from being a simple rom-com, the movie’s story is both simple and astonishing, uniting a man and woman who are polar opposites. The formula is generic, but the director infuses it with moving modesty, giving the actors their freedom. The result is a beautiful love story.



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