Joy USA 2015 – 124min.

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Comedy Drama

Joy Mangano has an ex-husband, a job, two children, an unmanageable mother and father, and a head full of dreams. Since childhood, she has had crazy ideas for unusual inventions, but has never really been taken seriously. Until she decides to try her luck with an invention that will become a phenomenon: the Miracle Mop. Even though no one believes in her and nobody expects it, Joy becomes a business genius.

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German Switzerland: 31. December 2015

Romandie: 30. December 2015

Ticino: 28. January 2016



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7 years ago

Good actors, nice cinematography, well fitted music, but the movie is somehow boring.


7 years ago

Really bad. Even the actors/actresses couldn't save it. de Niro is wasted. Lawrence simply isn't convincing in the role. Highly not recommended


7 years ago

Absolutely boring. I fell asleep.


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