Hardcore Henry Russia, USA 2015 – 96min.

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Hardcore Henry

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

Henry wakes up in a mysterious laboratory. With amnesia, a mechanical arm and leg, unable to speak, he is revived by his wife, a scientist who explains that he is being pursued by a madman named Akan. Dropped off in Moscow and helped by the mysterious Jimmy, Henry’s mission is to find his now kidnapped wife and survive a busy day in Moscow being chased by rabid enemies ...

A Hollywood fairytale: spotted on Youtube with a video shot entirely using Go-pro, Ilya Naishuller is offered the opportunity to make a movie with the same process by Timur Bekmambetov, the director of Wanted and the upcoming remake of Ben-Hur. This explains the madness and freedom that make Hardcore Henry unclassifiable, violently stupid and stupidly violent, thriving on nothing but pure pleasure. Rigidly structured as a first-person-shooter video game, this energetic movie propels the audience into the body of the main character, where they experience his incredible, bloody adventures through him. Reminiscent of Crank starring Jason Statham, another recent, immature hit, but under the pretext of going even further, Henry Hardcore quickly numbs the audience with noise and violence. Halfway through the movie, the overblown action ceases to have an effect, leaving the impression of watching a noisy, inconsequential show from afar.



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