Floride France 2015 – 110min.

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Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

At 80, Claude Lherminier is starting to go senile. His daughter Carole has taken over the reins of his company, so he spends his days in his house, mischievously annoying the help until they quit. He has only one goal: to see his other daughter, who moved to Florida. A goal he plans to follow, without a thought about how that might affect Carole’s life…

Floride is mainly one thing: the last performance by Jean Rochefort in his last tailor-made role. He says good-bye to French cinema accompanied by the irresistible Sandrine Kiberlain and the award-winning director Philippe Le Guay (Women on the 6th Floor, Bicycling with Molière). Unfortunately, once more a formula that sounds good on paper doesn’t sparkle on screen, thanks to a mediocre approach on all levels: a bland plot, boring dialogue, classic directing, a pallid ambiance… Floride doesn’t offer much and rests too much on its laurels to engage the audience. And yet there is one surprise: Anamaria Marinca, winner of the Golden Palm for 4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days, who manages bring real emotion to a minor role.



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