En équilibre 2015

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En équilibre

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

After an on-set accident, a stuntman who works with horses becomes paraplegic. Stuck in a wheelchair on his property, he meets a unscrupulous female insurance agent who tries to get him to sign an unfair settlement agreement. But even as she pushes him, she finds herself falling for this man who has found so much more freedom than she seems capable of. The two become increasingly drawn to each other.

The story of two diametrically opposite people, one with a free soul symbolized by horses and classical music, the other a cynical bureaucrat who refuses to let herself be what she wants. En équilibre doesn’t manage to break free of its ordinary confines either. Despite all the efforts made by the actors Albert Dupontel and Cécile de France to build up sensitive, interesting characters, director Denis Dercourt gets bogged down in traps he sets from the beginning. A trained musician, he films the piano sequences with passion, as he did in The Page Turner and Tomorrow at Dawn, but he doesn’t manage to give an equal amount of power or emotion to the heart of his movie. By its ending, which is either flat or naïve, depending on your point of view, this drama turns out to have been well-packaged, but it does not hold any real interest.



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