Elvis & Nixon USA 2016 – 86min.

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Elvis & Nixon

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

December 1970. Exasperated by the state of his country, Elvis Presley decides to offer his help. He arrives unexpectedly at the White House with his friend Jerry Schilling to deliver a letter to Richard Nixon. The president's team first thinks it’s a joke, but soon discovers that the superstar wants to meet Nixon to become a federal agent – in order to stop the enemies of the nation and save its youth. The president's advisers organize a meeting to take advantage of Elvis’ popularity and help Nixon’s image, unaware that these two extraordinary personalities will clash greatly...

Elvis and Nixon is at first as surprising as its premise, an imagining of what exactly happened during the meeting between Richard Nixon and Elvis Presley, known mainly due to a famous photo of the two men. It also proves as simple and brief as its title, with nothing to offer but a list of differences between these two iconoclastic personalities. The movie by Liza Johnson (Hateship Friendship) has very little to say, relying heavily on the performance of Michael Shannon, who takes obvious pleasure in embodying the legend on-screen. His co-star Kevin Spacey is once again perfect, stealing the all-too rare scenes and dialogues he has. A curious movie that is distanced from its subject and never really convincing.



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