Cyclique Switzerland 2015 – 71min.

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Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

Like many cities throughout the world, Lausanne has bicycle messengers. Speeding though its streets, they swerve around cars and pedestrians as they deliver messages and packages. Among them are: Caroline, who is starting to realize that doing the jobs she loves is keeping her from her dream of becoming a journalist; Raph, who isn’t happy in his work although he is a passionate cyclist; and Matila, a new recruit discovering the realities of the job. Frédéric Favre follows them all on his own bike.

There is something both beautiful and tragic in at least two of the portraits of these bike messengers, hired to zip packages to their destination without getting lost in the streets, while they themselves are having problems with feeling lost in their own lives. Inspired by his time as a bike messenger for ten years in Geneva, Frédéric Favre is almost as fast as his subjects as he films their urban adventures with an easy and discrete camera. He also captures their intimate lives and their confessions in this sincere and touching documentary. More than just a movie about unusual people, Cyclique is a wonderfully sensitive portrait of two people.



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