Brooklyn Canada, Ireland, UK 2015 – 111min.


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Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

Ireland, 1952. The small town of Enniscorthy offers few prospects to Eilis Lacey, who lives with her mother and older sister Rose. When Rose arranges through their parish for Eilis to move to New York, the girl decides to go there in search of a better life in America. Eilis moves into a boarding house for girls, works in a luxury department store, takes night classes, meets a young Italian, and gradually begins to realize her dreams. But events upset her plans and sow doubt in her heart.

Do not be fooled by the classic Hollywood look of this romantic drama: Brooklyn is a film full of emotional depth that does not get stifled by its set design. Directed by John Crowley, who impressed many in 2007 with his magnificent Boy A starring Andrew Garfield, Brooklyn owes everything to Saoirse Ronan* (nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress) who carries this story that shines less due to its originality than to its precision and emotional honesty. The whole movie rests on her performance, from humor to tragedy, and it is thanks to Ronan that the destiny of this stereotypical heroine does not sink to the ordinary.



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3 years ago

After first 20 minutes (bored) I wanted to leave the cinema, later it was slightly better. Weepy melodrama with unconvincing main character.

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