Bridge of Spies Germany, India, USA 2015 – 142min.

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Bridge of Spies

Drama Thriller

New York, 1957. The Cold War is in full swing. Hunting down Soviet spies, the American authorities arrest Rudolf Abel, who is suspected of treason. Charged with representing him to demonstrate that American justice is impartial, the lawyer James Donovan decides to defend him humanely, and therefore quickly becomes an enemy in the eyes of the Americans. But when a pilot sent by the CIA to spy on the enemy disappears in Russia, Donovan is assigned to negotiate a prisoner exchange in Berlin…

Release date

German Switzerland: 26. November 2015

Romandie: 2. December 2015

Ticino: 16. December 2015



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6 years ago

Surprisingly good, with a well developed characters and great acting.


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