Ant-Man USA 2015 – 117min.

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Action Sci-fi Superhero

When he gets out of prison, second story man Scott Lang decides to go straight, get a job, pay off his alimony and be a good father to his daughter Cassie. Then he is selected to go on a secret mission by legendary scientist Hank Pym, who wants him to handle a very special burglary. At the center of all this is a suit that allows its wearer to shrink down to ant size and take on superhuman strength. Accompanied by Pym’s daughter Hope, Scott goes on a mission to take down Darren Cross, a businessman looking to create his own suit to sell as a military weapon to the highest bidder…

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German Switzerland: 23. July 2015

Romandie: 15. July 2015

Ticino: 12. August 2015



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