Yves Saint Laurent France 2014 – 101min.

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Yves Saint Laurent

Movie Rating: Agathe Tissier

Pierre Bergé looks back on his life with Yves Saint Laurent.

Although he’s been in charge of the collection of the house of Dior since the death of its creator, Yves Saint Laurent (Pierre Niney) is conscripted to Algeria – where he grew up. Once there, he is soon hospitalized for depression after being hazed by fellow soldiers who picked up on his inner demons. Back in France, he founds his own house with the support of his lover Pierre Bergé (Guillaume Gallienne). And so begins a love story and business association that lasts five decades. The young and shy designer develops into a fashion genius, both provocative and innovative, whose successes are somewhat dampened now and then by various debilitating addictions.

This documentary-like biopic by Jalil Lespert, officially approved by Pierre Bergé himself, who also narrates as he reminisces about his relationship with the man he loved over all those years. The film is almost more about Bergé than YSL, whom he supported at arms length throughout his life. The result is a portrait of Yves Saint Laurent from a distance, seen through the prism of his lover.



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