Une heure de tranquillité France 2014 – 79min.

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Une heure de tranquillité

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

One morning, Michel discovers a rare jazz album he’s been looking for years. A good start to the day for this laid-back doctor, who decides to hang out in his living room and listen to his precious new find. But between a distraught woman who tells him a terrible secret, a mistress wracked by guilt, an unmanageable anti-globalist son, an annoying cleaning lady, work that goes horribly wrong and neighbors planning a big party, Michel’s quiet time with his new music keeps getting interrupted…

‘Laziness on film’ could be the subtitle of this adaptation of the successful play by Fabrice Luchini. A master of both good and bad, Patrice Leconte is reunited with his unforgettable “Bronzé” Christian Clavier for this dumb piece of bargain basement slapstick. It’s hard to know which character to hate more in this awful series of sketches: the superficial bourgeois woman in distress, the half-wit son, the moronic mistress, or the obnoxious husband who is practically the most sympathetic in the midst of chaos so clichéd it becomes boring. No imagination was spared for the casting either: Carole Bouquet swans around in her usual hoity-toity gear, Valérie Bonneton relies on the hysteria that made her career, Rossy de Palma dials up her ever-present eccentricity, while Christian Clavier lends his irritating voice to yet another tasteless role. Even worse: Une heure de tranquillité is so boring it doesn’t even make it onto the list of the year’s worst movies.



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