Turicum - This is Zurich Switzerland 2012 – 97min.

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Turicum - This is Zurich


The main character of this film is a city permanently settled about 7000 years. Its history goes back to its founding by the Romans who in 15 BC called it Turicum and it is described and characterized by its habitats and its events with no narration or opinion from the outsiders.

The mayor and her partner, archaeologist, archivist, activists, punk of the 70's, photographer of the 80's, events organizers, players, man of God, and many other personalities share their thoughts, feelings and their anxieties for current and the future situation of Turicum.

Turicum is a documentary film about a living object, a city of about 400'000 population. I believe, while good people can come from everywhere, but only special people could have built and maintained such an extra-ordinary place. [Pressetext]

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German Switzerland: 13. November 2014

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ISAN-No. 0000-0003-A9F3-0000-W

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