This Is Where I Leave You USA 2014 – 104min.

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This Is Where I Leave You

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

Judd Altman still hasn’t been able to digest the fact that his wife has been cheating on him with his boss for months, when he finds out his father has died. And so he goes back to his family home, where he is reunited with his mother Hillary, and his brothers and sisters: Wendy, who is unhappy in her marriage; Paul, who is desperately trying to have a child with his wife; and Phillip, who arrives with his girlfriend, a therapist 20 years his junior. Pushed by their mother to stay and honor their fathers’ last wishes, they all agree to stay over. An occasion for Judd to be reunited with Penny, an old flame, and face his choices among his family…

In the career of Shawn Levy, producer of the Night at the Museum franchise, as well as The Internship , This is Where I Leave You may seem like auteur cinema. A mistake, because this bittersweet, feel-good story of a dysfunctional family that has a pinch of hysteria, has nothing to offer other than the minimum required by the genre. Although moving and very entertaining, the movie is still simplistic and ordinary. The ensemble cast - Jane Fonda, Jason Bateman, Tina Fey, Rose Byrne, Adam Driver and Kathryn Hahn - is deceiving. The result is still an unoriginal, inconsequential comedy-drama one can easily be distracted from.



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