The Theory of Everything UK 2014 – 123min.

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The Theory of Everything

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

England, 1963. A brilliant physics student at the prestigious Cambridge University, Stephen Hawking is passionate about cosmology, sure that there exists an equation capable of explaining the mysteries of the universe. As he writes his theses and falls for the beautiful Jane Wilde, he discovers he has ALS, which will attack his limbs, his motor skills and his ability to speak, killing him in two years. But Hawking will manage to overcome the odds and instead become one of the most important minds of his time, a physician, professor and author who is respected all around the world…

Usually reserved for artists or political figures, this biopic finally opens up to a genre that is less popular: science. After the very good Imitation Game about mathematician Alan Turing, The Theory of Everything looks at the extraordinary life of Stephen Hawking, one of the most admired physicists of our times. A gamble that director James Marsh (Shadow Dancer) has not honored: because he concentrated on the love story, he forgot the main character. An odd choice, given that he could have told the incredible story of a scientist bound to a wheelchair by a body he can no longer control. Reduced to a superficial tale of a marriage that is falling apart, the movie becomes a very classic biopic, dominated by silliness and without great inspiration. A painful deception, even though Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones struggle admirably to extract some sort of respectable emotion from it.



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5 years ago

Interesting portrait of an extraordinary marriage. The life and science of Stephen Hawking through eyes of his wife, so you can expect rather small pieces of pop-science and a lot of interpersonal tensions. Great performance of Eddie Redmayne.

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