The Nut Job Canada, South Korea, USA 2014 – 85min.

Short description

The Nut Job

Adventure Animation Comedy

In the heart of Oakton City, in the trees of Liberty Park, lives a group of animals led by the authoritarian Raccoon who are rationing nuts in preparation for yet another harsh winter. Clever, ingenious but uncontrollable, Surly the squirrel bands together with his pal, a rat named Buddy, who helps him find food. But when Surly accidentally destroys the group’s entire food stock, Surly gets banished from the park, condemned to live among people in the city. Luckily, he discovers a nut store and hatches a plan to rob it and regain his place among his friends in the park…

Release date

Romandie: 3. September 2014

Ticino: 10. July 2014



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