Selma UK, USA 2014 – 128min.

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USA, 1964. Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, Martin Luther King continues his non-violent battle for civil rights for black citizens. Lyndon B. Johnson initially refuses to discuss a law that would end discrimination against the black vote, even though segregation has already been struck down. And so King decides to organize a march to the city of Selma, Alabama, to raise awareness for the cause around the country and to force the government’s hand.

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German Switzerland: 19. February 2015

Romandie: 11. March 2015

Ticino: 3. September 2015



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7 years ago

The power of belief, solidarity and peace. Martin Luter King and fight for a voting rights for Afro-Americans shown with a great tender. Touching, sometimes shocking, and at the same time one of the most underrated movies.


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