Wild Tales Argentina, Spain 2014 – 122min.

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Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

This is the story about a plane used as supreme vengeance. About a waitress confronted by a man she owes punishment to. About two drivers going against each other on an isolated road. About a respectable family man who loses control when faced with bureaucracy. About a family who negotiates with the law. About a husband who discovers a very important detail in his wife’s white dress. It is the story of people on the edge, fighting as best they can against their animalistic nature.

Pedro Almodovar is credited as a producer of Wild Tales, and this movie by Damián Szifron could just as well have been entitled People on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown, in homage to the Spanish director’s cult film, Women on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown. Smart, bloody and merciless, this thoroughly enjoyable anthology film plunges into the depths of the human soul. Both incredibly sad and hilarious, it is sure to leave audiences with out-loud guffaws suddenly stuck in their throats. Unsurprisingly, the sum of these six stories, which go from a few minutes to a half hour, is less powerful than some of its parts. But the inherent weakness of the format does not stop the movie from being wonderfully entertaining and full of wry humor – a fact that made the last Cannes Film Festival take notice.



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