Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb UK, USA 2014 – 98min.

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Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

Egypt, 1938. When a team of archeologists discovers the tablet of Ahkmenrah, they are told their find will mean the end. New York, present day: after an event during which the exhibits act strangely and ruin the evening, Larry Daley discovers they have been affected by the tablet’s corrosion. Larry’s investigation leads him to the British Museum, where he goes in search of Ahkmenrah’s parents in hope of saving the tablet’s magic …

There’s no point in putting down Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb. Having arrived at the bottom of the barrel in the third installment of the franchise, Ben Stiller, who also plays an incredibly stupid side role, continues on with the digital clowning, this time built around a simplistic plot whose aim is only to please an audience made up of its own fans. A battle with giant snakes is won with a defibrillator, a confrontation takes place in an Escher painting, Hugh Jackman sings in a cameo, a flood of lava in Pompeii is doused by the pee of a huge monkey: Shawn Levy’s movie targets the weak with nary a nuance in an attempt to ride on the success of the first two movies. The only attraction is also its saddest aspect: this is the last visual appearance on film by Robin Williams, who reprises his role as Theodore Roosevelt. We can try to comfort ourselves in knowing that there is one more movie out there in which Williams participated – Absolutely Anything by Monty Python Terry Jones, where he lends his voice to a dog.



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